We are Goulburn’s newest Vacuum Excavation and Underground Service Locator Specialists.

Hydro Excavation (also called non-destructive digging), is an innovative approach to locating and excavating around underground assets. It is now recognised by utility companies and civil contactors as the only relatively safe method for use in areas with underground assets.

Hydro Excavation uses a high pressure water system to safely excavate, in situations where the normal excavation machinery cannot be used, minimizing damage to surroundings structures.
The process uses pressurised water to dig whilst simultaneously vacuuming the debris into the onboard collection vessel. Hydro Excavation eliminates the risk of damaging underground services such as gas, water and sewer mains, optical fibre, power and telecommunication services.

These machines (known as vacuum trucks or sucker trucks) can be used for pot-holing, site cleaning, exposing utilities, any form of trenching, cleaning and mud/slurry removal and post holes. The possibilities are endless.

Our team has many years experience within the Vacuum Excavation industry and are also certified in Underground Service Locating.