JET Hydro is able to provide services such as:

Non-Destructive Digging

Non-Destructive Digging is safe for excavating around gas lines, water pipes, tree roots, phone and electrical cables. Non-Destructive Digging will dig, remove soil and have the area tidy in a fraction of the time it would normally take using other methods, therefore saving you time, effort and money. This process also eliminates the potential damages equipment such as backhoes, trenchers and other excavation equipment can cause.

Underground Cable Locating / Pot Holing Services

The process of Locating and ‘Pot Holing’ allows you to accurately identify services on your job site. By combining these two methods we can provide exact depth and position for services such as;

  • Telstra Cable
  • Gas
  • Water and
  • Electrical cables.

This will allow you to efficiently complete your work without the concern of costly damages to underground services.

Trenching for Services

Trenching for services, unlike potholing, exposes the entire underground service for work to be conducted. This creates a safe, clean and easily accessible work site for fast and efficient repairs or upgrades.

Root Guard Trenches / Tree Planting

By exposing a root guard channel around already established trees, you can easily continue with the process of root guarding to protect buildings, paths etc from the damage intrusive roots can cause.

Hydro Excavation allows for fast and efficient planting of large volumes of trees. As well as speed, this process also removes the risk of damages to underground services.

Post Holes for Fences & Sign

We have the ability to dig post holes for fences, signs, poles and many more applications using our state of the art Vacuum Excavation truck.

Pier Hole Cleaning

We can clean all loose dirt and rock from pier holes prior to concreting, as per engineering specifications.

Pit Cleaning/Jetting

Our truck is able to clean out your pits (electrical, communication, storm water etc). It is the most effective method of cleaning out all unwanted material. We also provide Jetting services. This is ideal for clearing blockages in any type of pipe, in particular storm water and sewer pipelines.
As well as clearing the blockage, be it tree roots, dirt etc, we also remove the unwanted material with the vacuum function of our truck.

Driller Mud Removal

We are able to remove driller mud and dispose of it.


We can remove excess water, due to heavy rainfall or burst pipes, at construction sites, post holes, trenches, pier holes and pits.